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Kīlauea Volcano June 27th lava flow

HVO's daily eruption updates include the latest info on the currently active lava flow,
as well as maps and photos/videos of the flow.

Links to additional information provided below.

Pahoa pahoehoe toe2014 "Volcano Watch" Articles

Nov. 13:    Coming up for air in lower Puna
Nov. 6 :     How long will Kīlauea Volcano's June 27th flow last?
Oct. 30:     June 27th lava flow slows, surges, then slows again
Oct. 23:     Pāhoehoe makes for fitful advance of the June 27th flow
Sep. 25:     Why do lava flows stop advancing?
Sep. 18:     HVO and Hawaiʻi County Civil Defense jointly track
                  the June 27th lava flow
Aug. 28:    June 27th lava flow activity continues, so stay informed!


Pāhoehoe Lava Flows in Lower Puna: What to Expect
Produced by Volcano Video Productions in cooperation with Hawaiʻi County Civil Defense to show how pāhoehoe lava flows work (14.5 minutes).

2014 News Releases

Aug. 22:    Kīlauea lava flow northeast of Puʻu ʻŌʻō a potential concern


More Volcano Information from HVO and Beyond

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