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The Hawai‘i bibliographic database has been created to contain all of the literature, from 1779 to the present, pertinent to the volcanological history of the Hawaiian-Emperor volcanic chain. References are entered in a PC- and Macintosh-compatible EndNote bibliographic database with keywords and abstracts or (if no abstract) with annotations as to content. Keywords emphasize location, discipline, process, identification of new chemical data or age determinations, and type of publication. The database is updated approximately three times a year and is available to upload from an ftp site. The bibliography contains over 13,000 references at last count. Use of the database greatly enhances the power and completeness of library searches for anyone interested in Hawaiian volcanism.

Access to the Hawaiian Bibliographic Database

The database is housed at the following site, from which it may be accessed via anonymous ftp:

File names are:

There is also a folder named hawbibinfo.mac (not to worry-files can be read on PC also) that contains: Finally, there is a "readmefirst" text file

The readmefirst file should be uploaded first, as it contains the date of the last update and instructions for the rest of the upload. We have been forced to switch to EndNote 8 and younger versions, which unfortunately are not compatible with EndNote versions 4-7. Users who have not upgraded to the current version of EndNote need to either upgrade or obtain a demo copy of the program, available as a free download from

The database is updated approximately every six months, and the date of update is given as part of the bibliographic file name (e.g., 11.01.2004 refers to an update on November 1, 2004). Users of the database are requested to help us by identifying references that we may have overlooked, errors in the bibliographic entries, or additional keywords. Communication to the authors may be made by sending an e-mail message to us at or All corrections and additions will be incorporated in the following update.


Wright, T.L., and Takahashi, T.J., 1998, Hawai‘i bibliographic database, Bulletin of Volcanology, v. 59, p. 276-280.

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