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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project supports various GIS needs of HVO scientists, such as the geologic mapping of Mauna Loa Volcano and geophysical and geologic studies of Kilauea.

Map of lava flows along Mauna Loa's northeast rift zone
Map of lava flows along Mauna Loa's northeast rift zone

VOLUNTEER DUTIES Generally, volunteers will help to apply GIS techniques to geologic and geophysical problems on the Island of Hawai`i. Volunteers will assist in the construction and production of geologic maps and spatial datasets. The volunteer will assist other GIS and scientific staff in analysis of data, development of new data, distribution of GIS data and products, collection of data with GPS units, editing spatial data, generating various plots, and assisting USGS personnel in the field. The GIS volunteer may also help train researchers, technicians, and administrators in the use of GIS software and hardware (as appropriate).
Applicants should either (1) be working toward a degree in cartography, geography, or natural sciences (including geology, earth science, and environmental sciences); (2) have already completed such a degree; (3) have equivalent work experience; or (4) have a Computer Science background with extensive programming experience with Python and/or Visual Basic

Preference will be given to candidates with GIS experience. Familiarity with GIS, computer spreadsheets, word processing, and databases is essential. Experience with one or more of the following software packages is desired: 

  • ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcInfo, ArcView, Spatial and/or 3D Analyst, Model Builder, Python, geodatabases, and Metadata

Candidates should demonstrate good written, communication, and documentation skills. The ability to work with minimal supervision is preferred.

Although HVO researchers are not currently using or processing remote sensing data, candidates with a background in remote sensing add-ons to ESRI or MapInfo products (Image Analyst or ERMapper, for example) are also invited to apply.

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