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Damages Caused by the November 29, 1975 Earthquake

An estimated $4 million (worth approximately $13 million in 1999 dollars) of damages is attributed to the earthquake and its related catastrophic events. Some of the damages are captured in the following photos.

Stairs crumbled
Photograph by UPI
Two children were trapped in this damaged home about 7 km north of Hilo.

Spilled merchandise in Hilo supermarket
Photograph by Larry Kadooka, Hawaiʻi Tribune-Herald
Spilled merchandise in Hilo supermarket.

Toppled headstone
Photograph by George Abe, Hawaiʻi Island Chamber of Commerce
Volunteers replace 300-lb granite headstone toppled by
earthquake at churchyard, Kurtistown, 14 km south of Hilo.

landslide from spatter and cinder cone blocking road
Photograph by Boone Morrison
Small landslide from spatter and cinder cone partially blocking
Chain of Craters Road, Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.

Crack in Hilina Pali road
Photograph by Peter Lipman, US Geological Survey
Crack in Hilina Pali road, Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park.

For a complete listing of the damaging effects of this earthquake, see Table of the Earthquake Intensity , Isoseismal Map of the Big Island and the Isoseismal Map of the Hawaiian chain.

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