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Tour of the Summit Caldera

Shaded relief map of Kilauea Caldera
Location and direction of images in views below

View 15
Panorama of Halema`uma`u Panorama of Halema`uma`u with Uwekahuna Bluff (top right) and Mauna Loa (top) in background
View 16
Spatter cones and rampart erupted in April 1982 Spatter rampart and cones built by eruption in April 1982 northeast of Halema`uma`u
View 17
Rock bombs ejected during eruptions of Halema`uma`u in 1924 Blocks of basalt ejected during explosive eruptions at Halema`uma`u in 1924
View 18
July 1974 vents southeast of Halema`uma`u July 1974 eruptive fissure on caldera floor southeast of Halema`uma`u
View 19
Keanakako`i Ash Member along southeast rim of Kilauea Caldera Explosive eruptions ending in A.D. 1790 deposited these layers of ash and coarser ejecta known as the Keanakako`i Ash Member
View 20
Fissure, erupted in August 1971 and July 1974 Eruptive fissure on the southeast rim of caldera
View 21
Keanakako`i Crater Keanakako`i Crater, a pit crater along the southeast edge of Kilauea Caldera
View 22
Vegetation growing in teprha deposits erupted from Pu`u Pua`i in 1959 Vegetation growing in tephra deposits erupted in 1959 from Pu`u Pua`i in Kilauea Iki; site is within the mid-elevation woodlands ecological zone
View 23
Fern and Ohi`a forest Rainforest ecological zone on east edge of Kilauea Iki
View 24
Kilauea Iki Eruption in 1959 partially filled Kilauea Iki Crater with lava
View 25
Pu`u Pua`i, Kilauea Iki crater Lava fountains in Kilauea Iki formed Pu`u Pua`i cinder and spatter cone in 1959
View 26
Earthquake-damaged Crater Rim Drive along Kilauea Caldera Landslides and ground cracks caused by a magnitude 6.6 earthquake in 1983 severely damaged parts of Crater Rim Drive on northeast rim of Kilauea Caldera

Part one of Kilauea Caldera photo tour

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