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View from atop Uwekehuna Bluff east across caldera toward Kilauea Iki and 
Mauna Ulu
Photograph by S.R. Brantley on August 18, 1998

View is from the Jaggar Museum across Kilauea Caldera toward the east. The light-colored brown cone on the opposite side of the caldera is Pu`u Pua`i, which formed in 1959 on the south side of Kilauea Iki, a pit crater (see views #24 and #25). On the right skyline, the Mauna Ulu shield is visible 11 km away on the east rift zone. Mauna Ulu was built by eruptions between 1969 and 1974. The dark lava flows on the far side of the caldera floor were erupted in 1974 and 1971, and on the near side, in 1919.

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