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Mauna Loa
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Mauna Loa

Frequently Asked Questions about Mauna Loa


In response to public inquiries, HVO has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Mauna Loa. Answers to the questions below often include links to Web resources where you can find additional information.

1. What does the name "Mauna Loa" mean?

2. How big is Mauna Loa?

3. Is Mauna Loa an active volcano? Will it erupt again?

4. How often has Mauna Loa erupted?

5. Where on Mauna Loa is an eruption likely to occur?

6. When was the most recent eruption of Mauna Loa?

7. Can HVO scientists forecast a Mauna Loa eruption?

8. What kinds of instruments are used to monitor Mauna Loa and other Hawaiian volcanoes?

9. How can I stay informed about the status of Mauna Loa?

10. Is Mauna Loa expected to erupt soon?

11. What do the USGS Volcano Alert Levels and Aviation Color Codes mean?

12. Under what circumstances will the Volcano Alert Level for Mauna Loa be upgraded from NORMAL to ADVISORY?

13. How will HVO scientists respond to a change in the Volcano Alert Level for Mauna Loa?

14.Does an ADVISORY Alert level mean that Mauna Loa is about to erupt?

15. Why do HVO scientists think that a Mauna Loa eruption is NOT imminent at this time?

16. Are Mauna Loa eruptions similar to Kilauea eruptions?

17. What kinds of volcanic hazards will a Mauna Loa eruption pose?

18. What are the possible impacts of a Mauna Loa eruption?

19. How much time will I have to respond to a Mauna Loa eruption?

20. How will I find out about a Mauna Loa eruption?

21. What can I do to prepare for a Mauna Loa eruption?

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