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Aerial view of HVO on rim of Kilauea Caldera; Halema`uma`u crater in distance
Photograph by J.D. Griggs on March 18, 1987

View of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) and National Park Service Thomas A. Jaggar Museum built in 1986 and located on Uwekahuna Bluff, the highest part of Kilauea's caldera rim. Halema`uma`u crater in the distance indents the highest part of the caldera floor.

HVO was founded in 1912 by Thomas A. Jaggar (former professor of geology of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Hawaiian Volcano Research Association, a group of interested Hawai`i businessmen whose participation and financial support Jaggar solicited for the construction of the observatory. Today, the Thomas A. Jaggar Museum fulfills Jaggar's dream of presenting the results of volcano studies to students and visitors to Hawai`i.

Other Views of HVO and the Jaggar Museum

View of HVO and Jaggar Museum atop Kilauea's caldera rim
HVO on Uwekahuna Bluff
View of Mauna Loa looming above HVO
Mauna Loa and HVO

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