Component Model # Description Specifications   Source
Fiber Optic Receiver FXR 010 Converts Pulse Frequency Modulated optical signal into composite analog video signal 12VDC 140mA Polaris Industries
Video Transmitter HyperScan TX 50H Digital Transmitter Module converts analog camera video signal inputs into digital signals, processes and encodes image compression files output to the radio modem 12VDC 250mA Sensormatic Inc., Video Products Division
Alarm Timer "Camera Event Timer" Signals a Hyperscan "alarm" condition for recording images at specified time intervals 12VDC 30mA FB Engineering, Hilo, HI
Radio Modem FreeWave DGR-115H 115 kbaud Wireless Data Transceiver in weather resistant enclosure 12VDC 180mA FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
Antenna EAN0900YA 6 element Yagi directional antenna 896-960MHz 12dB FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
Antenna Cable ASM0030CA 30-foot coaxial cable with reverse male SMA and male N-type connectors FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
Solar Array   Corrosion resistant, ~4by 6-ft. solar panels with heavy duty alluminum alloy frames and weatherproof junction boxes 200 watt Local Source
Charge Regulator ASC 12/16 Solid state battery charge regulator for photovoltaic energy systems 12VDC 16A Specialty Concepts, Inc.
Batteries   4, Heavy-duty, Deep-Cycle batteries 12VDC 85 amp-hour Local Source