Component Model # Description Specifications   Source
Radio Modem FreeWave DGR-115H 115 kbaud Wireless Data Transceiver in weather resistant enclosure 12VDC 180mA FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
Antenna EAN0905WB 33" Ominidirectional Antennae 896-960MHz 5dB FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
Antenna Cable ASM0050CA 50-foot coaxial cable with reverse male SMA and male N-type connectors FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
Desktop Computer Micron- Millenia Pro Plus (Upgraded) 200MHz Pentium Processor, 64MB RAM, SVGA 4MB Video Adaptor, 2 GB and 9 GB ultra SCSI Hard Drives, Microsoft NT 4.0 Operating System, 17" High Res. Color Monitor Micron Electronics, Inc
Receiver Software * Hyperscan RX50S Version 2.1 Configures Hyperscan communication link, uncompresses and displays HyperScan image files from the TX50H Transmitter, includes options for saving, manageing and reviewing image databases, and for remote camera control and user security, Sensormatic Inc., Video Products Division
*A software key is required in lpt1 printer port to operate the HyperScan software (except image review and "demo" modes)