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The Hawai‘i bibliographic database has been created to contain all of the literature, from 1779 to the present, pertinent to the volcanological history of the Hawaiian-Emperor volcanic chain. References are entered in a PC- and Macintosh-compatible EndNote bibliographic database with keywords and abstracts or (if no abstract) with annotations as to content. Keywords emphasize location, discipline, process, identification of new chemical data or age determinations, and type of publication. The database is updated approximately three times a year and is available to upload from an ftp site. The bibliography contains over 17,000 references at last count. Use of the database greatly enhances the power and completeness of library searches for anyone interested in Hawaiian volcanism.

Access to the Hawaiian Bibliographic Database

File names are:

A complete bibliography of Hawaiʻi-related publications is uploaded to Zotero (over 17,000 items) and is freely accessible. Please feel free to join the Open group and it will sync to your local Zotero Library. You can view and join the group here at If you download the standalone version of zotero on your computer and register with a username and password you can sync to the zotero library listed above and make Boolean "and" searches by clicking the magnifying glass on the menu bar and choosing "advanced search".

There is also an option to download a text file in the .ris format "hibiball.08.01.2016.txt" or in an .xml format "hibiball.08.01.2016.xml" from the U.S. Geological Survey ftp site Under pub go to wr/hi/kilauea/hawaiibibliography.public for these files, as well as the latest database “hiball.08.01.2016.enl or .enlp” if you own the EndNote program. Keywords used in the database are recognized in zotero as "tags". A list of the keywords used can be obtained by downloading the file "hawbibinfo" from the USGS ftp site.

The .txt file can be uploaded into a registered stand alone version of zotero in under one hour and can be searched independent of the group access listed above. The .ris and .xml files may also be uploaded into other open source bibliographic data software as desired.


Wright, T.L., and Takahashi, T.J., 1998, Hawai‘i bibliographic database, Bulletin of Volcanology, v. 59, p. 276-280.

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