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The Volcano Watch Archive, 2001

    Date                  Topic

27 Dec. 2001    New ages show Haleakala is a postshield volcano

20 Dec. 2001    Community-based research team begins to examine vog's  

health effects 13 Dec. 2001 The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory will be ninety years
old in January 06 Dec. 2001 A lua can be a fine place for a volcanologist 29 Nov. 2001 What happens when lava flows into the sea? 21 Nov. 2001 The ghosts of holiday eruptions past 15 Nov. 2001 Day in the Life of an Earthquake Analyst 08 Nov. 2001 Tidal Lunacy 01 Nov. 2001 One island chain, several lines of volcanoes 25 Oct. 2001 Long-lived eruptions may contribute to local droughts 18 Oct. 2001 What's up with Mauna Loa? 11 Oct. 2001 Ground uplift in Oregon Cascades is tipoff to rising magma 04 Oct. 2001 Mauna Loa will not push Kilauea into the ocean 27 Sep. 2001 When lava tubes go incontinent 20 Sep. 2001 How our capabilities have improved with time 13 Sep. 2001 West Maui's rejuvenated-stage eruptions were about
600,000 and 385,000 years ago 06 Sep. 2001 Lava covers road: expectable as the eruption continues 30 Aug. 2001 Ozone in our air - friend or foe? - depends on where 23 Aug. 2001 How high is Mauna Loa above sea level? 16 Aug. 2001 The opening of a new viewing area of the eruption 09 Aug. 2001 Lava bench is no boardwalk 02 Aug. 2001 Backyard steam indicates warmth but probably not volcanic 26 July 2001 Surfing Cyberspace for Hawaiian Earthquakes 19 July 2001 Facts and fallacies about Hualalai Volcano 12 July 2001 Pu`u `O`o changes steadily and abruptly 05 July 2001 Where does Kilauea erupt most often? 28 June 2001 Monitoring Kilauea and Mauna Loa with the Global
Positioning System 21 June 2001 Acid rain, opal, and vegetation contrasts-thanks
to Halemaumau 14 June 2001 Heat is deep and magma is shallow in a hot-spot system 07 June 2001 Diving deeply into Kilauea's early history 31 May 2001 Lava tube magnetism 24 May 2001 An exciting couple of weeks at Kilauea 17 May 2001 The evolution of the tiltmeter at the Hawaiian
Volcano Observatory 10 May 2001 The 1950 eruption of Mauna Loa: a nightmare that
could reoccur 03 May 2001 Dual volcanic tragedies in the Caribbean led to
founding of HVO 26 Apr. 2001 The 28th anniversary of a very damaging earthquake 19 Apr. 2001 April is Earthquake and Tsunami Awareness Month 12 Apr. 2001 Volcanoes exempt from capital gains 05 Apr. 2001 Kilauea's all cracked up, and that's not funny 29 Mar. 2001 Reunion island: sister island on the other side
of the world 22 Mar. 2001 When did Moku`aweoweo (the summit caldera of Mauna
Loa) form? 15 Mar. 2001 Professor Fusakichi Omori - an instrumental person
at HVO 08 Mar. 2001 Haleakala Crater formed between 145,000 and 120,000
years ago 01 Mar. 2001 An important but almost forgotten eruption of Kilauea 22 Feb. 2001 Can we just move the city? 15 Feb. 2001 Earthquake Information for the World 08 Feb. 2001 Molokini erupted about 230,000 years ago 01 Feb. 2001 A walk on the wild side-of the road, that is 25 Jan. 2001 Sulfur dioxide advisory developed to improve National
Park safety during vog episodes 18 Jan. 2001 Developing partnerships to conserve Hawai`i's natural
resources 11 Jan. 2001 Eruption of Kilauea Volcano celebrates 18th birthday 04 Jan. 2001 Viewing lava safely at Kilauea-advice from those
who do a lot of it
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