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The Volcano Watch Archive, 2003

    Date                  Topic

31 Dec. 2003    Arnold Okamura retires as longest-serving HVO staff member

24 Dec. 2003    Munching Mauna Loa - Creatures of the Deep Feast on the 1877 Kealakekua Bay Submarine Lava Flows

18 Dec. 2003    Lo`ihi smaller and younger than Kilauea

11 Dec. 2003    Hilo native named Scientist-in-Charge of Cascades Volcano Observatory

04 Dec. 2003    The "Flyspec": a new tool for plumbing the depths of Hawai`i's volcanoes

26 Nov. 2003    New colored map shows sea-floor features in Hawai`i

20 Nov. 2003    A reminder that we live in earthquake country

13 Nov. 2003    Treasures of the Deep Sea: Lo`ihi Hosts Hydrothermal Vents

06 Nov. 2003    How does HVO watch the eruption?

30 Oct. 2003    Scientists Meet to Discuss Hazardous California Volcano

23 Oct. 2003    Can we predict the next "big" one?

16 Oct. 2003    Kamehameha V comes to the rescue in 1868

09 Oct. 2003    Earth's spinning core provides magnetic protection and disaster movie material

02 Oct. 2003    Continent dwellers take colorful rocks for granite

25 Sep. 2003    Mixing magma on Kilauea's east rift zone

18 Sep. 2003    Volcanic hazards assessment and monitoring continue at Anatahan, Northern Marianas Islands

11 Sep. 2003    Thermal Activity in Yellowstone Sparks Increased Monitoring

04 Sep. 2003    Does lava erupted from Kilauea leave a hole deep underground?

28 Aug. 2003    The 1840 Kilauea eruption was big, spectacular, and made the Sand Hills

21 Aug. 2003    New instrumentation on Mauna Loa's southwest rift zone

14 Aug. 2003    Summertime along the Wailuku River - cool water, cool geology

07 Aug. 2003    A stone ice cream cone at the 1969 fissure along Chain of Craters Road

31 July 2003    The age of youngest volcanic rocks varies greatly among the Hawaiian Islands

24 July 2003    Awareness does not necessarily mean preparedness

17 July 2003    When ash flows like a fluid

10 July 2003    Cities on Volcanoes 3-an international conference with evening programs for the public

03 July 2003    Cooperative training by University of Hawai`i and Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

26 June 2003    The Anatahan eruption: what might happen down the road

19 June 2003    Impermeable beds trap rain and snow at Mauna Kea's Lake Waiau

12 June 2003    Carbon dioxide in Kilauea's tiny bubbles makes the champagne's punch

05 June 2003    Two eruptions bordering the Pacific plate: one huge, one small but ongoing

29 May  2003    Kilauea and Masaya celebrate secrets of "sisterhood"

22 May  2003    Mixing Magmas at Krakatau

15 May  2003    First Historical Eruption of Anatahan Volcano, Northern Mariana Islands

08 May  2003    Lava Inundation Zones Identified for Mauna Loa

01 May  2003    Crack measurement-old fashioned but good

24 Apr. 2003    30th earthquake and accelerogram anniversary

17 Apr. 2003    World's Coolest Lava is in Africa

10 Apr. 2003    Once a big island, Maui County now four small islands

03 Apr. 2003    Measuring ground movements in the Koa`e fault system

27 Mar. 2003    April is tsunami awareness month throughout Hawai`i

20 Mar. 2003    Why are Mount St. Helens' eruptions generally more explosive than those of Kilauea?

13 Mar. 2003    Viewing Hawai`i's lava safely -- a reminder

06 Mar. 2003    Two eruptions at Kilauea's summit in 1982 end an era

27 Feb. 2003    Collecting Data on Earthquake Effects

20 Feb. 2003    Active lava flows and new ocean entry provide prime viewing opportunities

13 Feb. 2003    Monitoring Kilauea's eruption: how close to the action is close enough?

06 Feb. 2003    The Puhimau thermal area is gradually enlarging

30 Jan. 2003    A Break From the Routine on Kilauea

23 Jan. 2003    Inflation of Mauna Loa Volcano slows

16 Jan. 2003    Mahalo for helping us celebrate Pu`u `O`o's 20th Anniversary

09 Jan. 2003    Kilauea Iki's lava lake has finally crystallized

02 Jan. 2003    What if there'd been no Pu`u `O`o eruption?
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