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The Volcano Watch Archive, 2007

    Date                  Topic

27 Dec. 2007     25 years of eruption: Looking back and ahead

20 Dec. 2007     Santa is not the only eye in the sky on Christmas

13 Dec. 2007     Kilauea's latest activity rates special session at international meeting

29 Nov. 2007     Widespread Secondary Volcanism around Kaua`i

29 Nov. 2007     Widespread Secondary Volcanism around Kaua`i

21 Nov. 2007     Eruption rate for July-August lava flows was high but may have diminished toward the previous long-term rate

15 Nov. 2007     New geologist is a timely addition to HVO staff

08 Nov. 2007     Perched lava channel elevates the flows

01 Nov. 2007     Changes in lava flows intensify questions to scientists

25 Oct. 2007     OK, you felt it, but did it move you?

18 Oct. 2007     Glaciers on Mauna Kea? You crazy?  In the middle of the Pacific?    YES!

11 Oct. 2007     At Kilauea, it?s always ?Time to make the doughnuts?

04 Oct. 2007     How much lava is being erupted at the July 21 fissure?

27 Sep. 2007     Progress in the year following the Kiholo Bay earthquake

20 Sep. 2007     Earthquakes can give you that sinking feeling

13 Sep. 2007     Kilauea?s eruption building perched lava channel and feeding many short flows

06 Sep. 2007     Almost nothing is enough: reticulite helps measure depth of Kilauea?s caldera 500 years ago

30 Aug. 2007     New Report Details July 21 Fissure Eruption Hazards

23 Aug. 2007     Oldest radiometric ages from Kilauea about 275,000 years

16 Aug. 2007     Kilauea's south flank earthquakes more common than hurricanes

09 Aug. 2007     What does it take to become a volcanologist?

02 Aug. 2007     Kilauea's newest fissure eruption forming perched lava ponds

26 July 2007     Kilauea?s School of Magma and Motion trumps Hogwarts?

19 July 2007     Kilauea update: An eruptive sequel with a new twist?

12 July 2007     ?It?s like d?j? vu all over again!?

05 July 2007     Lava back in the Pu`u `O`o crater as scientists mull over Kilauea's future

28 June 2007     Magma, magma, who?s got the magma?

21 June 2007     What do Father?s Day and volcanic rift zones have in common?

14 June 2007     Idaho?s Craters of the Moon shares similar traits with Kilauea

07 June 2007     High Chief Keli`ikuku's pride devastated by unusually long Kilauea eruption

31 May  2007     Recent Mauna Loa "prediction" does not change HVO assessment

24 May  2007     State of Hawai`i geologic map available online

17 May  2007     Critical field observation at Kilauea in 1915 is finally confirmed in 2007

10 May  2007     Slow earthquake study relies on fast digital data

03 May  2007     New report describes Yellowstone?s volcanic and hydrothermal hazards

26 Apr. 2007     Cooking rocks?Hawaiian-style and continental cuisine, with special recipes for volcanic disaster 

19 Apr. 2007     Aftershocks continue six months after Kiholo Bay earthquake

12 Apr. 2007     Gravity drives the world around us

05 Apr. 2007     HVO?s role in the history of tsunami prediction in Hawai?i

29 Mar. 2007     Oceans on an acid trip are cause for concern

22 Mar. 2007     ?Slow? earthquake expected this week on the Big Island

15 Mar. 2007     Wilkes Expedition Revisits Kilauea

08 Mar. 2007     When Thunderstorms Get Down and Dirty

01 Mar. 2007     HVO's cat woman scratches her day job

22 Feb. 2007     Volcano Scientists Go to School to Learn How to Track Volcanic Ash

15 Feb. 2007     Which produces more CO2, volcanic or human activity?

08 Feb. 2007     Isaac Hale descendant has joined the staff at HVO

01 Feb. 2007     Submarine eruptions-the damp side of Hawaiian volcanism

25 Jan. 2007     The San Francisco Volcanic Field-Arizona's Hotspot

18 Jan. 2007     Hawai`i earthquakes get a new manager

11 Jan. 2007     The Walls were Shaking, the Earth was Quaking

04 Jan. 2007     Two erupting volcanoes cause most harm in 2006
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