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The Volcano Watch Archive, 2008

    Date                  Topic

31 Dec. 2008     World's active volcanoes keep scientists busy in 2008

24 Dec. 2008     Continued Rumblings of the 2006 Kiholo Bay Earthquake

18 Dec. 2008     Kilauea observes seasonal celebrations volcano style

11 Dec. 2008     How voggy is it?

04 Dec. 2008     Halema`uma`u Reaches a Milestone as Kilauea's Longest Summit Eruption Since 1924

26 Nov. 2008     Laki and Eldgj?—two good reasons to live in Hawai`i

20 Nov. 2008     Halema`uma`u engine shifts gears, but keeps on chugging

13 Nov. 2008     Surface deformation at Kilauea's summit is a moving target

06 Nov. 2008     Halema`uma`u Crater Ringed by Remains of Old Lava Lake

30 Oct. 2008     Lava and ice mingle in the South Sandwich Islands

23 Oct. 2008     Of Animals and Earthquakes (My Cat Felt That)

16 Oct. 2008     Volcanic Spreading Induces Flank Collapse at Mauna Loa

09 Oct. 2008     Amid financial turmoil, Kīlauea's "budget" appears sound but the forecast is voggy

02 Oct. 2008     Sometimes, Volcanoes need to be left alone

25 Sep. 2008     A 1951 tragedy in Papua New Guinea provides an important reference in the volcanologic literature

18 Sep. 2008     New monitoring instruments at Mount Rainier have their roots in HVO's history

11 Sep. 2008     A lava lake is revealed within Halema`uma`u's new vent

04 Sep. 2008     Summer explosive eruptions in Alaska keep scientists and airlines on edge

28 Aug. 2008     Footprints in Ka`u were probably made in 1790—but not by Keoua's party

21 Aug. 2008     What are Halema`uma`u's smoke and other signals telling us?

14 Aug. 2008     In every volcanic paradise, a little vog must fall

07 Aug. 2008     Can we control volcanic hazards?

31 July 2008     Halema`uma`u appears laid back but . . .

24 July 2008     Volcanologists Work the Night Shift Watching Halema`uma`u's New Vent

17 July 2008     Spectacular show underway at lava ocean entry

10 July 2008     An exciting end to June at Kīlauea

03 July 2008     Surprise eruption in Chile sparks interest in National Volcano Early Warning System

26 June 2008     HVO Hot Shots See the Heat at Kīlauea

19 June 2008     And you thought you were standing still

12 June 2008     The Puzzling Plume

05 June 2008     What to worry about in Kīlauea volcanic emissions?

29 May  2008     The rooftop view at Pele's house is magnificent

22 May  2008     Murky crystal ball suggests potential for voggy future at Kīlauea

15 May  2008     Pele's cooking more than vog -- "precious" jewels also stewing in her cauldron

08 May  2008     Ashes, ashes, all fall down

01 May  2008     Who owns new coastal lands created by lava flows?

24 Apr. 2008     Professor Jaggar would have loved this view

17 Apr. 2008     Unfamiliar Tricks from our Familiar Volcano

10 Apr. 2008     Eventful week at Kīlauea's summit culminates in small explosion at Halema`uma`u

03 Apr. 2008     Is Pele teasing us, revealing yet another facet of her personality?

27 Mar. 2008     A new ash plume rises from Kīlauea's summit

20 Mar. 2008     Something had to change after 25 years

13 Mar. 2008     Pele gives plenty of heat to Namakaokaha`i 

06 Mar. 2008     Kīlauea following one of several eruption scenarios 

28 Feb. 2008     Pele revisits Royal Gardens

21 Feb. 2008     What was that on the Richter scale?

14 Feb. 2008     Can rocks speak to us?  Yes, they can!

07 Feb. 2008     Volcanic Hazards Continue, Rain or Shine

31 Jan. 2008     Innovator in Hawaiian volcanic gas studies buoyantly leaves the melt

24 Jan. 2008     Rootless Shields are not a Gang of Nomadic Warriors 

17 Jan. 2008     Royal Gardens is no stranger to lava flows

10 Jan. 2008     Why do most east-rift eruptions start along the lower Chain of Craters?

03 Jan. 2008     Kiholo Bay Aftershocks - Thumping for Science
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