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The Volcano Watch Archive, 2009

    Date                  Topic

31 Dec. 2009     Has it been 27 years already?

24 Dec. 2009     Kīlauea glows as lava keeps churning at the summit

17 Dec. 2009     Volcanoes are not responsible for Global Warming

10 Dec. 2009     Kīlauea went ballistic in 1790

03 Dec. 2009     How well do you know the volcanoes in your backyard?

25 Nov. 2009     Halema`uma`u eruption focus of special scientific session

19 Nov. 2009     For volcanoes, acting locally causes effects globally

12 Nov. 2009     Can we forecast the behavior in Halema`uma`u's vent?

05 Nov. 2009     Evolving lava tube system spawns surface flows that reach the ocean

29 Oct. 2009     Lessons Learned from the Armero, Colombia Tragedy

22 Oct. 2009     The layered Earth turns 100 years old

15 Oct. 2009     One Man's Soil Is Another Man's Ash, Especially Around Pahala

08 Oct. 2009     Kīlauea's emissions and their effects: it's all about location

01 Oct. 2009     Hualalai is third most active volcano in Hawai`i

24 Sep. 2009     Ancient Hawaiians:  Plenty of Oars but No Ores

17 Sep. 2009     Mount St. Helens' eruption of 2004-2008 described in newly published USGS book

10 Sep. 2009     Putting Kīlauea's current activity in perspective

03 Sep. 2009     Alaska's summer field season for volcanologists is quickly coming to a close

27 Aug. 2009     Simple tools measure amount of volcanic ash from Halema`uma`u

20 Aug. 2009     HVO gets a brief look at seismology's promising future

13 Aug. 2009     Kīlauea's summer break pau for now?

06 Aug. 2009     Scientists have mixed success with forecasting volcano hazards in Hawai`i

30 July 2009     A Volcano's Many Layers Determine the Richness of Hawai`i's Groundwater Resources

23 July 2009     Explosions and lava flows continue from Guatemala's volcano trio

16 July 2009     A laser's look into the lua reveals how pit craters grow 

09 July 2009     The show goes on at Kīlauea's summit vent

02 July 2009     Enjoy nature's fireworks show

25 Jun  2009     The beginning of a new era—Kīlauea's 1952 summit eruption

18 Jun  2009     Give new life to your old photographs of Hawai`i's volcanoes!

11 Jun  2009     Geologists would even date charcoal to reveal volcano secrets

04 Jun  2009     New Webcam menu makes lava views safely available

28 May  2009     Magma within Kīlauea's summit vent never goes flat

21 May  2009     Today is the 40th birthday of the wondrous Mauna Ulu eruption

14 May  2009     Pele plays the plume in a recent multisensory performance

07 May  2009     Sightseers jam roads and airspace during Mauna Loa's 1949 summit eruption

29 Apr. 2009     USGS Radar Helps Monitor Redoubt Volcano, Alaska

23 Apr. 2009     How do recent earthquakes fit into the Kīlauea puzzle?

16 Apr. 2009     Central African metropolis again threatened by looming volcanic activity

09 Apr. 2009     Volcanoes and Hula Dance to the Same Beat

02 Apr. 2009     The soda can analogy for Kīlauea's current summit eruption

26 Mar. 2009     Celebrating colossal Mauna Loa with a "Hi-yo, Silver!"

19 Mar. 2009     Alaska's Redoubt volcano keeping scientists and public on guard

12 Mar. 2009     After one year, Kīlauea's summit eruption is still going strong

05 Mar. 2009     Why all the fuss about Mauna Loa this month?

26 Feb. 2009     Size matters when it comes to volcanic islands

19 Feb. 2009     Good Vibrations—the Earth's Music

12 Feb. 2009     Nobody's talking about the 800-pound gorilla of Hawaiian volcanoes

05 Feb. 2009     Quiescence in 1913 is similar to 2008 events

29 Jan. 2009     Seasonally enhanced aroma briefly fills the air near Halema`uma`u

22 Jan. 2009     There were technological leaps in volcano watching even 75 years ago

15 Jan. 2009     Volcanic and manmade pollution cause similar effects

08 Jan. 2009     Where did the rest of the rocks go? More went down than up
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