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Volunteer program of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Becoming a Volunteer at HVO

How do I become a volunteer?

  • Step One
    Choose the project(s) or team(s) for which you want to volunteer (make sure you meet the requirements and time frame, if specified).

  • Step Two
    Fill out and submit an application form for the project or team for which you want to volunteer. A copy of your application will be sent electronically to the project team leader and HVO's volunteer coordinator. A copy of the submitted application form will appear in your browser immediately after you click on the submit button; save or print this file for your records.

  • Step Three
    The team leader will review your application, and, if it is selected for further review, will contact you directly for additional information. This process can take up to four weeks. If you do not hear back from us within one month of submitting your volunteer application to HVO, it has not been accepted. You are welcome to re-apply, or to apply for another position, at any time. Please note that the number of applications from qualified candidates often exceeds the number of available volunteer positions at HVO. We regret that not all applicants can be accepted and that we do not have sufficient staff resources to contact every applicant individually. We thank you for your interest in volunteering at HVO and appreciate your understanding if your application is not selected.

  • Step Four
    If you are selected for a volunteer position, make your travel arrangements to and from Hilo International Airport, Hawai`i. You will be met at the airport and then driven to HVO or the guest house in the Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park.

How do I choose a project or team?

  • Go to type of work and click on the various categories for a detailed description of the project, including the research and monitoring goals, type of work, knowledge and skills that may be necessary, and physical conditions that may be needed to participate.

  • Note the earliest time that a volunteer position is available for the type of work you choose.

What about health insurance?

  • All volunteers must have their own health insurance. You will be asked to show proof of your health insurance when you arrive at HVO.


Volunteer information

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