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PROJECT DESCRIPTION The staff of the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory monitors the active volcanoes of Hawai`i, assesses geologic hazards, and studies Hawaiian volcanic processes.
VOLUNTEER DUTIES Each volunteer will be assigned to a research or support group and be supervised by an HVO staff member. Research groups include seismology, geology (chiefly Kilauea and Mauna Loa projects), geodesy, geochemistry, and geophysics. Support groups include electronics, computers, photography, library, Web site presentations, and administration. Applicants should indicate in their application the time period that they are available, the group that they are interested in assisting, and their personal abilities. Volunteers should apply for a minimum of 3 months. There is no application deadline.
A broad range of positions is available. All volunteers should have a background in physical science, some computer experience, a driver's license, and be in good physical condition. For detailed knowledge and skills requirements for each of the main working groups, see the volunteer home page and click on the working group for which you want to work.

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