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PROJECT DESCRIPTION The HVO Seismology group is responsible for the seismographic monitoring in all earthquake activity in Hawai`i with particular focus on earthquakes associated with eruptions or magma movement. Our activities are varied, from maintaining our seismometer network, to cataloging, posting, and archiving of ongoing seismic activity.
VOLUNTEER DUTIES We seek volunteers to assist with all aspects of our network operations. Recent seismology volunteers have worked on web-page composition and programming, data archival and earthquake location. They have also assisted with station construction, installation and maintenance.
Relevant skills and background include electronics, computer operations and programming. Additional experience and background specifically in seismology, electrical engineering, physics or computer programming are required for higher level project assignments.

Candidate(s) should demonstrate good written, communication, and documentation skills, and the ability to work with minimal supervision is preferred.

BENEFITS TO VOLUNTEERS The diligent and motivated volunteer will benefit in taking part in the planning of their project upon arrival. The extent of the project will be dependent on the length of time spent at HVO, however, the goal will be to create a project that can be summarized in a poster to be presented at a regional or national conference (e.g. AGU, GSA, SSA). Volunteers will benefit from exposure to all aspects of network seismology from the seismometer, to telemetry, to the tools used to collect, analyze and store seismic data.

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