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2008 Multimedia Archive

January 2008 Rootless shield, channelized `a`a flows, Royal Gardens
February 2008 TEB, rootless shield system, awesome skylights and stalactites, lava reaches Royal Gardens
March 2008 TEB flow, Royal Gardens, Waikupanaha and Ki ocean entries, new gas vent at Halema`uma`u crater, and explosive ash-laden eruptiona at Halema`uma`u
April 2008 Waikupanaha and Ki ocean entries, southeastward and northeastward Halema`uma`u plumes, 2nd Halema`uma`uexplosion, and pre-moonrise star show
May 2008 Beautiful Halema`uma`u views, vigorous littoral explosion, and Waikupanaha ocean entry
June-July 2008 Skylights, vigorous plumes, awesome littoral explosions, and Cool incandescent parabolic arcs at Waikupanaha ocean entry
August-September 2008 Halema`uma`u small rim collapse, littoral cone at Waikupanaha ocean entry, lava returns to TEB, explosive events at Halema`uma`u and Pu`u `Ō `ō and vigorously bubbling lava surface beneath Halema`uma`u vent.
October-December 2008 Halema`uma`u ash-rich, channelized `a`a flows in Royal Gardens, lava streams at Waikupanaha ocean entry, and ash-rich plume at Halema`uma`u vent....soon after?a dramatic decrease.

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